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Passion is an inherent emotion, and it is evident from today’s casting that Favio Vador and James Keresford have a burning desire for one another. This is evident from the moment they enter the room, based on the amount of affection that occurs between them. Favio pulls away from the passionate kiss and begins to work his way down James’s smooth, slender, and muscular torso. When James comes to rest on his knees, the bulge emanating from his shorts accelerates this impassioned and lustful encounter. As Favio takes James’ meaty, mushrooming cock into his mouth, he feels it expanding in the back of his esophagus. Favio takes hold of the hefty, smooth balls sac as he sucks, swallows, chocks, gags and brings this man-sized cock to life. James enjoys having his nipples twisted and pinched, and he does so while Favio forces every last centimeter of cock down his trachea. James’ level of desire has risen to the point where he needs to feed his passion, so he turns Favio around, bends him over, and spreads those muscular ass cheeks apart, revealing the incredible chestnut-colored treasure that lies within. James lunges in with his tongue first, lapping and licking it to satisfy his desires. James raises and thrusts his monster scrotum deep into Favio’s arse, completely saturating Favio’s arse. Favio struggles slightly at the invasion of such an enormous cock into his tight genitalia. Once Favio is completely inside, he is ready for a frenzied fucking. James’ enormous scrotum has penetrated Favio’s mind and stimulated him beyond his limits. Favio reaches down, seizes his scrotum, and ejects his thick, creamy stream of cum. The men switch positions as Favio squats and begins to ride that enormous cock as hard as he can. Favio hurls his arse up and down this enormous clitoral organ with utter pleasure. James’ testicles become heavier and fuller as Favio’s ass descends onto his pelvis. James points his enormous cock downward and into Favio’s incredible ass with another flip, causing Favio to be inverted. James’ monster cock has found the ideal vessel in Favio’s genitalia. As he approaches the point of no return, his scrotum thickens and hardens with each downward thrust. With one final thrust, James draws his cock out and showers Favio’s face, lips, and tongue with his hefty load of genitalia. James shoves his cock into Favio’s mouth as Favio takes the remaining portion of the hot load from James’ cock.
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