Czech Hunter 707

CzechHunter says: Czech Hunter 707…. Czechs, it seems, have a strong desire to enter the modeling industry. Since this courier apparently thought we worked in the fashion industry, he stopped by after hours to learn more about us. Since my new pal David was around, I hoped we could make a steamy trio. After a brief wash, our dashing messenger was ready for his closeup. His dick bulge, in particular, was a sight to behold. We had to get him undressed now, and I figured it would be expensive. He agreed to make my cock hard because he was motivated by money. It wasn’t hard because I was absolutely horny. As it turned out, this dude was mildly bi-curious and had always been interested in trying out an experience like this. His hopes and wishes were granted. We planned to show him a wide variety of things. He was compensated more for the greater effort he put in. In one day, this cute slut made a lot of money.

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